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Frequent Questions

  • What differentiates you from your competition?
    Perfect Solution takes commitment to program success to a different level. From innovative staffing and technological solutions, to a performance management culture, we deliver bottom line results for our business associates with a unique emphasis on the customer experience.
  • What kind of clients do you work for?
    Our clients are business owners looking for reliable outbound and inbound call center services with customer satisfaction set as our priority. Also, clients in search of Lead generation, professional consultation services for clients needing to structure their existing or startup businesses. We also help clients design and implement efficient marketing campaigns.
  • I want to do business with you, how can I start?
    Applications are welcome at the ‘Affiliates’ page.
  • Why should I outsource my call center operations to Perfect Solution?
    Are you looking for tech support? Customer service? A Sophisticated answering service? How about just someone to handle orders or explore leads? Perfect Solution has the personnel and training to make it happen. We are constantly at work all around the world, so your customers never get the disappointing "we are currently closed" message. They can always get in touch with someone, in real time, and get their questions answered at any hour of the day or night. By outsourcing at Perfect Solution, you are not only benefiting from our expertise, you are also saving a great deal of money on the equipment necessary to answer that flood of call. At Perfect Solution, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible for your company, and that means we are experts in your products and services. However, you aren’t the one who trains our experts. You provide the instructions and expectations, and our call centers management and training personnel handle the rest. If your product or service reaches a global audience, your customers might have very diverse backgrounds. Customer service available in multiple languages is one of the demands of a global market, and we can easily provide that. Are you ready to unleash a new product or service on the world? A launch can lead to a massive increase in call volume. At Perfect Solution, we are prepared to handle the kind of volume that you might not be able to manage otherwise.
  • How many languages can you support?
    English , French and Arabic.
  • What are the opportunities for career development at Perfect Solution?
    Perfect Solution is committed to developing its employees and helping them reach their full potential and advance their career. Within the customer advocate position, there are four levels in which to advance, not to mention many management positions including trainers, supervisors, etc. Many of Perfect Solution’s key management positions are held by former customer service advocates.
  • Who works at Perfect Solution?
    Friendly people who are excel at speaking with others by phone. Hard-working, reliable people who enjoy challenges and the satisfaction of surpassing expectations. People determined to build a meaningful career. Collaborative people who thrive in a positive team environment where everyone wins.
  • Why join Perfect Solution?
    Great Income.
  • Address
  • Saba Basha, Alexandria,Egypt
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